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Uwchlan Twp The name Uwchlan is Welsh, and signifies "upland," or "higher than or above the valley."  It is spelled in old writings Ywchlan.  These townships were principally settled by Welsh Friends about the year 1712, and later, under the aspices of David Lloyd, of Chester, who took up large tracts of land, which he sold to settlers.  John Cadwalader purchased 250 acres from him by deed, June 2, 1715, and on Jan. 16, 1716, he sold the same lands to Thomas Fell, "excepting a small piece of ground on the side of the King's road, which the said John Cadwalader allotted for a burying-ground, and to set a meeting-house for the use of the people called Quakers."  In 1722 this property (then owned by William Harvey) was conveyed to Evan Evans, and the same reservation made.  This piece of ground thus reserved is that now occupied by the Friends' meeting-house and graveyard at Lionville. Among the early settlers were Griffith John and Samuel John, both ministers in the society, neither of whom could ever speak English free from a strong tincture of their native dialect. The township of Uwchlan was divided in 1858, and a new township formed from the northern part, to which the name of Upper Uwchlan was given

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